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CT Scan

CT stands for Computerised Tomography and can also be called a ‘CAT’ scan. CT scans are produced using specialised x-ray equipment which rotates around the body to obtain images from different angles. Modern CT scanners can take multiple slices of the body in one single rotation and as such are now referred to as Multi-Slice CT scanners. The sophisticated computer within the CT scanner is then able to process this information to create a 3-Dimensional image of the body part or area that has been scanned to show a detailed cross-section, including bones, organs and blood vessels. The CT Scan does not replace plain X-rays, but gives additional information with greater detail.

A CT scan will take anywhere between 10 and 15 minutes depending on the part of body being scanned.

Yes, please call your local practice to make an appointment.

At Pulse Radiology we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver first class services within the health system using Bulk billing methodology. This means that your CT Scan will be bulk billed if you have your medicare card and a practitioners referral with you, and you will have no out of pocket expenses.

If you have a referral to another imaging practice or organisation we can still assist you as we put you the patient first and accept all referrals. If in doubt please seek advice from your referring medical professional.

Most CT scans can be performed without any preparation. Some scans, especially those involving the X-ray dye will require you to fast for 2 hours prior to your appointment. It is fine for you to have water during this time unless you are instructed otherwise. If any other specific preparations are required you will be advised at the time of booking.

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