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Pregnancy Imaging

Obstetric/Pragnancy Imaging

An early pregnancy ultrasound will confirm that there is one fetus, that is alive, the correct size, and in the correct position. Gestational Age and due dates may be altered at this time depending on fetal size, and twins may be diagnosed.

At this gestation, Nuchal Translucency is also assessed which is used to screen for Down syndrome and other chromosome abnormalities in early pregnancy. The scan is usually performed in conjunction with a blood test – either a Non Invasive Prenatal Test (NIPT) or a Maternal Serum Screening (MSS).

This is performed between 11 weeks and five days and 13 weeks and six days (Although the ideal time for this ultrasound is closer to 13weeks).

At this stage, all the major organs and structures have been formed in the fetus making this a good time for the first detailed assessment of fetal anatomy. Some major structural abnormalities may be detected at this time.

A 20-22 Week morphology scan is a routine examination performed in nearly all pregnancies in Australia. This is predominantly used to assess fetal development (brain, face, spine, heart, lungs, stomach, kidneys, bladder, cord insertion, arms and legs) placental position and amniotic fluid volume. If you don’t wish to know the sex of your baby please tell your sonographer at the start of the examination  Generally, views of the baby are excellent and this scan is enjoyed enormously by parents.

Ultrasounds performed after 26 weeks gestation are primarily to assess fetal growth and wellbeing. Fetal anatomy will be reviewed.

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